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Dec. 11, 2020
It's Live! Welcome to the Portfolio Site
Jason Shueh Portfolio Website
Today, I officially opened to doors to, my new portfolio website that will be a hub for articles, case studies, videos, blogs, white papers and research.

The site is divided into three sections. One for journalism articles, another for marketing case studies and the third for content strategy approaches — soon to be launched on Jan. 1. The goal is to provide a simple, engaging and intuitive site so you get a quick look at my latest writing and featured work. Beyond that, this site is also meant to be a front porch for anyone looking to connect about content, provide feedback and discuss collaborations.

As for design, inspiration came from a number of sources, the most obvious being the tech pub Wired with its catchy black and white design (the journalism and marketing sections are definitely an homage to Wired's homepage). The other notable influence comes via the BASIC agency. The design firm's aptitude for clean and clear minimalism is unparalleled.

This site will see significant changes in the next few weeks as I add fresh portfolio pieces, new content and interactive elements. Speed is another area of improvement. I'll be investigating ways to compress video and images to make everything faster and easier to use.

So, if the site is a bit bare right now, don’t worry, change is coming soon. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out for any question about my work or content projects.


Jason Shueh